About Us

Emtec is the right size provider of technology-empowered business solutions for world-class organizations. Our local offices, highly-skilled associates, and global delivery capabilities ensure the accessibility and scale to align your technology solutions with your business needs. In short, our singular mission is to create "Clients for Life".  To us, this means creating long-term relationships that are founded on trust and sustained business value.

Our offerings span the entire IT lifecycle: from Consulting through Packaged ApplicationsApplication Outsourcing, Cloud Technologies, Infrastructure and Managed Services (ClearCARE™).

"Client for Life" Approach: Built Upon A Proven Record of Success

Emtec’s track record of successes demonstrates our vast IT and domain expertise across a broad range of sectors.  We have demonstrated experience serving commercial clients in numerous industries, including financial services, marketing, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and gaming.  In the Public Sector, we offer specific services and solutions geared toward education, state and local governments and US & Canadian federal governments as well as not-for-profit organizations. We deliver on our commitments. Our rich legacy and multi-decade client relationships demonstrate our commitment to the success of our clients.

The Right Size Provider to Align Your Technology and Business Needs

Emtec is committed to assisting its clients in empowering IT into an investment that delivers true value to their respective organizations.  Our Executive Team includes world-leading experts in IT strategy, implementation, management and support. True engagement with management is Emtec’s core value. Our clients’ ability to access decision makers at all levels ensures the necessary flexibility and critical alignment to make projects successful.  Our global team of consultants, engineers, deployment and integration specialists, training and support personnel stay ahead of the curve through a continuous and rigorous program of education, certification and training. Our rewarding culture results in highly committed, experienced, and motivated associates who have solved client problems before. And our partnership strategies ensure that our solutions integrate the most appropriate IT products and systems - whether proven performers or state-of-the-art innovations.