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Using Leading Project Health Indicators- A Project Manager Pathway
posted by in The Emtec Blog The Project Management Blog on August 13, 2014

      Using key indicators to manage projects is the scientific part of Project Management. Needless to say, leading indicators allow the project managers to perform a course correction. Not all the project indicators need to be numeric and some can be quite subjective, which is the art part of project management. In my … continue reading

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    CRM Blog
    Microsoft and Salesforce Partnership: Emtec’s Position
    posted by in CRM Blog The Emtec Blog on June 27, 2014

    Deanna Evers, Director of Marketing, sat down with John Szuberla, Emtec’s Microsoft Practice Director, and Greg Lewis, President of Wave6, and asked them to weigh in on Microsoft and Salesforce recent formation of a partnership.   What Does the Partnership Mean? John: “The primary focus of the partnership is on the customer, and putting the … continue reading

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      ERP Blog
      Lawson and Microsoft Dynamics ERP- A Comparison
      posted by in ERP Blog The Emtec Blog on July 29, 2014

        A perfect tool constructed out of collaboration, communication and business intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you the control you need to have within your organization. A tool that ultimately connects the running parts of your organization giving you better visibility into your business.  Yet it is often compared to the ERP software solution known … continue reading

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        BI Blog
        Demystifying Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Analytics Reporting Tools
        posted by in BI Blog The Emtec Blog on June 17, 2014

          “I have all these reporting tools with such rich capabilities, but I don’t know how and when to use them within our environment.”     I hear this time and time again during client visits, and have been ever since the early days of Hyperion. My goal of this post is to demystify what … continue reading

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          ITSM Blog
          ITSM: Why Doing the Right Thing is Important Part 2-4
          posted by in ITSM Blog ITSM Support Issues The Emtec Blog on July 31, 2014

            You may recall from  Part 1 of this 4 Part Blog Series my firm belief about “Doing the Right Thing with ITSM.” If you have not had a chance to read it, please do so. Throughout this Blog, I will repeat a firm belief I have, namely that ITSM implementation projects will not be … continue reading

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