Performance & Governance

Can you quantify the ROI of your IT investments based on the value they deliver to your organization? Are your IT services delivering acceptable levels of performance? Is your service delivery model the most effective and cost-efficient way to meet the operational needs and business objectives of your organization?

Ultimately, you can’t plan, advocate for, nor manage what you can’t measure. By calling on Emtec’s Performance and Governance expertise, you will be far better positioned to cope with tight budgets by demonstrating IT’s value and by building stronger relationships between IT and the rest of your organization.

Our IT Service Management (ITSM) and Business Intelligence experts can help you measure the ability of your IT resources and capabilities to deliver service to your organization at acceptable levels of performance, risk and cost. Emtec solution enable sophisticated levels of reporting against vast quantities and scales of information, presenting relevant metrics and information in a manner that is concise and actionable through the use of Scorecards and Dashboards.

Our approach empowers you to match service performance with the appropriate costs – while managing the risks – and demonstrate the value your IT services bring to your organization. IT budget decisions, such as operations and maintenance allocations versus new capital project spending, can be readily weighted by determining the Value on Investment (VOI) before, during and after the investment is made.