Strategy & Planning

Is your current IT service delivery model and portfolio aligned with your organization’s IT operations and objectives? Can you measure and demonstrate return on your IT investments? Are there ways to avoid costly overruns and misdirected efforts that are far too common with IT initiatives? Are there better alternatives for delivering the services your organization needs than those you currently utilize? What will it all cost?

Emtec IT Strategy and Planning experts can help you answer all of these critically important questions, and more. Our approach is grounded in our Value-Based Management (VBM) methodology. This metrics-driven methodology ensures IT service planning, management and delivery responds to organizational needs effectively and cost efficiently. It also helps eliminate the waste that so often occurs with errant and misdirected IT initiatives.

Emtec experts can make VBM the foundation of your IT operations. We can help you take stock of your service portfolio, creating a clearly articulated service catalog that demonstrates the value of your services and more efficiently manage their delivery. We bring a pragmatic approach to the service definition process, and accelerate the process by using our baseline ‘common service definitions’, which provide a baseline catalog that typically captures up to 70% of IT services.

As part of VBM, we can also assist you in establishing metrics for assessing the value it delivers to the organization, and in charting ITSM roadmaps and ITIL-based service improvement strategies to ensure your IT infrastructure and services are matched to business needs – and continually improve to meet those needs as they evolve.

Thinking about outsourcing or use of cloud computing?  We can help you evaluate the alternatives based on the value they delivered.  Need to know the total cost of ownership of any new or existing IT service you provide?  We can show you the bottom line.

At Emtec, we recognize that over time, IT can take on a life of its own – one that’s far removed from the core needs of the organization it’s meant to serve.  Our role is to help you get it back in line, by adopting a value-based, service-oriented mindset and methodology to IT planning, management and service delivery.