Functional Offerings

We understand that effective leaders must manage multiple missions and objectives simultaneously. Our goal at Emtec is to understand your role and the challenges you face so that we can better help you succeed. We look at organizations holistically and are able to serve our clients across all functional areas.

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Finance & Accounting

The Finance Department today faces challenges in many forms. Ability to acquire and retain customers, deliver innovative products, optimize costs in a market challenged by price pressures, and manage dynamic and ever increasing compliance mandates are just some of the key challenges.

Emtec offers a unique blend of business consulting, application management, and technology consulting services to help streamline the finance and accounting functions. These offerings help companies improve efficiency, optimize costs, meet risk and compliance mandates, and implement IT solutions finely attuned to their business needs.

Sales & Marketing

There are many reasons that companies undertake a CRM initiative. Whether it is obtaining a 360 degree view of their customer base across all touch points, improving coordination across sales channels, driving additional sales, or increasing retention from better servicing an install base, Emtec can deliver.

Human Capital Management

We can take the worry out of managing your business’s most complex HR processes.

Effective management of the recruiting, development and organization of your workforce, in addition to management of benefits and compensation information, is critical. Emtec has helped hundreds of companies streamline their HR processes and more effectively manage their people and data.


Emtec’s virtual team engagement model is our unique strategy for providing effective, quality and low cost global sourcing strategies. We are the right size to meet Client’s business and organizational imperatives by deploying a reliable, cost effective, immediate ramp-up & scalable outsourcing model.