Financial Services

Financial services clients live with ever-changing regulatory demands, increasing expectations for value, and pressure from shareholders to reduce costs and increase returns. Emtec helps you build a strong technology architecture that can support daily operations and regulatory requirements.


In an uncertain economic climate with heightened regulatory demands and reduced customer confidence, banks are under severe pressure to determine the strategies and businesses that will maximize their value. With increased expectations from clients for more value, more oversight from regulators and pressure from shareholders to reduce costs and increase returns, banking institutions need to implement systems in a disciplined way, balancing value creation with the cost of the investment. Now more than ever before, there is also a need for unparalleled access to quality data and increased operational efficiency. Our localized expert pool with relevant experience enables rapid, meaningful impact.


The insurance sector strives to create optimal customer experiences. Emtec offers technology consulting solutions to help our insurance clients improve customer service and increase profitability by delivering transparent, customer-centric services through:

  • simplified business processes
  • access to reliable customer data across multiple channels and product lines through efficient, connected systems
  • workflow-enabled tools that empower agents and service staff to deliver high-quality, personalized service.

Capital Markets

Since the financial crisis, many capital market firms have re-evaluated their current operational and technical capabilities, and the forthcoming regulations have pushed that evaluation even further. Access to real-time data is key to evaluating what is working – and what isn't. Especially true for our capital market clients, valuable data tends to live in silos across multiple lines of business and geographies – making analysis and availability a challenge. Data workflow and data management is really at the heart of regulatory risk governance. Our clients are focusing time and effort to ensure that they not only are storing and securing the data properly, but are also able to clean, verify and reconcile that data across the organization.