Public Sector

Emtec has great knowledge of the public sector that comes from a long history of providing products and solutions to government. Our experience starts at the local government level, including K-12 schools and moves on the state level and ends at the Federal government.  We understand the unique challenges that public sector agencies, bureaus, councils, and school boards face in providing current technical solutions in order efficiently service citizens.

Federal Government

A long time supplier to the Federal Government, Emtec provides a wide range of IT services to US agencies including custom application development, application maintenance and support services, IT service management including service desk and more. Emtec is proud of our enviable record of satisfied public sector clients both within Canada and the USA as we are driven to ensure we add value in every client engagement.

Canadian Government

Emtec has been providing IT services and solutions to Canadian public sector clients for over ten years. Our team is adept at applying commercial best practices and technology within a public sector context including working on projects requiring company and individual security clearances.

Our focus in Canada has been in the areas of IT Business Alignment and Strategy including IT management consulting, facilitation and strategic planning, as well as the deployment of comprehensive IT Service and infrastructure management solutions. Our solutions are based on best-of-breed vendors such as BMC Software and the application of ITIL best practices.   For further information please contact:

We hold a variety of different public sector supply arrangements and standing offers including:

  • In- Service Support Supply Arrangement
  • Solutions Based Informatics Professional Services
  • Professional Services On-line

State and Local Government

Emtec has long been providing both IT products and services to State and Local Governments. We have a long list of satisfied clients within state, county, and local governments. 


Emtec integrates top-quality curriculum software and computer products in the classroom and builds local and wide area networks to provide inter and intra-campus connectivity. We help educational institutions wade through the myriad of software, hardware, networking, and system options available to develop and implement quality infrastructure solutions that meet student educational needs and institutional data management requirements.