End User Computing

End-user infrastructure generally evolves unevenly over time. With growing demand from mobility and cloud, that infrastructure has gotten more complex. Organizations are now faced with the need to simplify and streamline their systems to stay competitive. End-user Computing services help reduce support time, improve availability and service, and provide users with tools to compete in an ever-evolving, innovation-driven workplace.

Desktop Lifecycle Management

End-user computing has expanded beyond traditional PCs, to thin clients; virtual desktops; cloud-based, end-user applications and increasingly, mobile devices. In addition, workplace policies are covering new concepts such as free agent specialist roles, tighter partner collaboration and even bring your-own-device.                  

Emtec’s Lifecycle Management Services ensure that the end-user computing functions are optimized to extract maximum value from each type of operating environment. We can help you evaluate and prioritize business objectives to determine the best course of action, provide the logistical support needed to deploy a major technology roll-out, and offer the financial support to reduce the overall operating cost of maintaining current technology. Continuous support enables you to increase end-user satisfaction while minimizing downtime and total cost of ownership.

Service Desk

Rapidly and systematically prioritize resources and actions, decreasing call-length, escalations, and resolution times with Emtec's Service Desk Consolidation and Optimization services. We can also assist with integrating multiple service desk operations to ensure information is shared and acted upon in a timely manner.

Emtec provides outsourced IT support services and management. Specialties include; desk side, applications, and database support. Our managed services let you focus on the bigger issues confronting your IT department secure in the knowledge that service delivery is in the hands of experts. Through our Managed Services, we provide you with the rights skills at the right time, when, where and as needed – saving you the staffing and resources costs that come with doing it yourself.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management is essential especially with new BYOD trends. Emtec's Mobile Management services allow for easy and reliable management of all mobile devices including cell phones and tablets. 

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