Account-based Sales Intelligence Mobile App

Emtec creates a mobile app for a leading IT consulting agency which ensured impactful sales decision making.
Account-based Sales Intelligence Mobile App for

a leading IT Consulting Firm


As part of its account-based sales strategy, a leading IT consulting firm wanted a way to broadcast account intelligence information to their sales and delivery teams instantly as it appeared on the internet in the form of news, google alerts, quotes, social media posts, videos or any other updates. Currently, their teams needed to scan multiple websites (free as well as paid subscriptions) to gather the information wasting precious selling time. The client sought a mobile app development company to build a custom mobile solution that could access multiple data sources and provide a single, consolidated view for each account targeted with automated notification capabilities as well.


Emtec’s mobile app development team interviewed key stakeholders to gather requirements for the feature set and visual designs. The team then developed business logic to build out the required APIs for fetching and consolidating information by account from various websites on the mobile application*. A feature-rich mobile application was built on .NET and Python with AngularJS and Google Material Design for both the iOS and Android platforms. Features include online/offline capabilities to cater to instances of diverse network connectivity as well as an accumulation engine to support dynamic news and information. The application provides account segmentation and filtering functionality to allow the user to choose the appropriate accounts of interest and view the most critical and relevant alerts.


Having the “right” account intelligence is a key influencer to sales success. Emtec’s customized Sales Intelligence Mobile App helped the client gain access to critical account information and events instantly via their desktop or mobile device from anywhere at any time. Now equipped with the most recent and relevant insights, sales executives are able to make quicker more knowledgeable decisions throughout the sales cycle to increase lead generation and conversion.

* The app name, logo and theme have been changed to maintain client confidentiality.

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Boston, MA

Business Impacts

  • Reduction in account research time
  • Highly secure information, accessible anytime anywhere
  • Quick and impactful decision making
  • More efficient lead generation
  • Higher conversions

A sneak peek into the app user interface:

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