Arkansas Heart Hospital Modernizes Finance and Supply Chain Processes via Oracle Cloud

A Pioneer in Cardiac Healthcare

From day one, Arkansas Heart Hospital has delivered exceptional care through an unwavering commitment to innovation. The hospital is renowned for its unique and powerful patient care strategy, as well as pioneering efforts in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Nationally recognized and award-winning, Arkansas Heart Hospital operates two hospitals and 30 clinics.

Challenge: Scaling Excellence with Legacy Platforms

With a steadfast dedication to extraordinary care, Arkansas Heart Hospital actively explores forward-thinking systems and procedures. Identifying legacy technology and manual processes as obstacles to excellence, Arkansas Heart Hospital sought to innovate its financial and supply chain functions to strengthen patient care and operational readiness.

Their existing financial and supply chain systems — MedSeries4 (MS4), Insights, and Ripplestone — required numerous manual processes and out-of-system workarounds that burdened hospital staff, clouded visibility, and hindered growth. The hospital sought to integrate and automate accounting and materials management processes on a modern platform, to improve operational efficiencies, free up staff for more critical activities and elevate patient care.


  • Provide extraordinary patient care experiences through operational excellence
  • Centralize information and optimize processes to improve financial close cycles, reporting, and budgeting and planning
  • Drive workflow efficiencies and automation to increase productivity and eliminate manual paper-based processes
  • Integrate and automate materials management systems
  • Gain a single source of accurate data for greater visibility across finance and supply chain functions
  • Ensure scalability of critical systems to remove impediments and accelerate growth

Solution: The Heartbeat of Innovation

Seeking an expert partner to bring its vision to life, Arkansas Heart Hospital looked to Emtec to help transform its business practices and transition to Oracle Cloud. With a focus on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen ("continuous improvement"), Arkansas Heart Hospital and Emtec worked closely to devise a people-centric solution that simplified large-scale change. Leveraging extensive experience in healthcare and cloud-based solutions, Emtec helped Arkansas Heart Hospital to break free from legacy processes, sunset antiquated platforms, and create a solid foundation for future growth.

Engagement Highlights:

  • Transformation of financial and supply chain functions through the digitization and automation of critical processes via a modern, scalable cloud platform
  • Automation of supply chain processes from purchasing and inventory through to invoicing and payment
  • Implementation and integration of the Oracle Cloud suite of applications (Oracle Cloud ERP, EPM Cloud, and SCM Cloud)
  • A true partnership focused on transformative solutions and strategies grounded in transparency, collaboration, and flexible change management
  • Real-time visibility via Emtec's project management portal throughout the engagement
  • Client for Life partnership — As Arkansas Heart Hospital navigated periods of growth and change, Emtec offered added flexibility to strengthen resources
  • Emphasis on rapid adoption and ROI — Emtec’s Accelerated Time to Value™ (ATV) Framework ensured hospital staff were engaged and trained as quickly as possible, rather than months into the project, to increase adoption and proficiency
  • Ongoing post go-live assistance from Emtec’s ClearCARE® support team, to maintain the solution and assist with continuous improvement

Results: A Unified Platform for Extraordinary Care

Through its efforts, Arkansas Heart Hospital has realized extensive process improvements and cost savings spanning accounting, accounts payable, inventory control, purchase orders, and reporting. Operations teams are now able to reduce days of work to mere minutes. With a single source of truth, Arkansas Heart Hospital now has the visibility and data to drive faster, better-informed business decisions.

Arkansas Heart Hospital's move to Oracle Cloud has allowed them to adapt and grow amid unprecedented change. They have successfully opened a new medical center focused on bariatric surgery, as well as their first out-of-state clinic and a new warehouse facility — all without creating ripples in their business or requiring heavy lifting from their operational team. Arkansas Heart Hospital is now well-positioned to grow and expand, widening its footprint seamlessly to increase accessibility to exceptional care.

About Arkansas Heart Hospital

Arkansas Heart Hospital is a nationally recognized and award-winning hospital dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease and related diseases; also focusing on bariatrics, endocrinology, and peripheral artery disease. Awarded a Five-Star Rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), based on seven criteria. Arkansas Heart is one of two Arkansas hospitals and one of 293 to receive this rating. Arkansas Heart offers advanced technology teamed with Arkansas’ leading cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons. The hospital operates two hospitals and 30 clinics. For more information, visit


Privately Held

Little Rock, AR, USA


Value Achieved

  • A single source-of-truth platform for transparency and visibility across the organization to drive critical business decisions
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency, as well as strengthened relationships, achieved through automation and digitization across accounting, accounts payable, inventory control, purchase orders, and reporting
  • Shortened monthly close process and expedited budgeting and planning through a unified, secure Oracle Cloud platform
  • Increased visibility to PPE, inventory accuracy, lot control, and replenishment improvements
  • Foundational building blocks for rapid operations expansion and future innovation

Benefits of Working with Emtec

  • In-depth understanding of the healthcare industry
  • Extensive experience in complex accounting, supply chain, and materials management processes
  • Expertise in Oracle solutions that drive business efficiency, innovation, and growth
  • Proven Accelerated Time to Value™ (ATV) delivery framework for greater visibility, user adoption, and ROI
  • Client for Life commitment, delivering ongoing support without additional overhead
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