Axcan Pharma – Service Catalog Support

Axcan Pharma - Consulting/Infrastructure (VBM, Service Catalog)

The Client: Axcan is an international company with offices in the U.S., the European Union and Canada. Axcan develops and markets a broad line of prescription products to treat a range of gastrointestinal diseases and disorders.

Business Problem : Axcan was embarking on a comprehensive review of its current outsourced IT partner to gain insight into their IT spending and develop a definitive strategy for aligning IT with its operational and business objectives.

Solution :Emtec provided a much-needed analysis of their current provider against KPIs of 3 competitors. Emtec also provided a detailed report describing the pros and cons of four possible scenarios: engaging a new provider, bringing all IT functions in-house, renewing its contract with the current provider on a short-term basis, or on a long-term basis with contingencies for improvements and investments by the current provider.

Results : The client chose to renew with their current provider with contingencies for a range of improvement to help support Axcan as they grow. Axcan now has access to a stronger, more efficient service catalog and a clearer picture of the IT services they offer to users. As the catalog grows and Axcan gains more insight into the cost and value of its IT services, the company is moving closer to Value-Based Management (VBM).

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