Device Management App for Global Testing Services Provider

Global QA services provider engages Emtec
to develop mobile app for test device management.



A multi-national QA services organization offering specialized software testing and quality engineering services for enterprise web and mobile apps needed a solution to better manage their test devices. With the utilization of handheld electronic communication devices like mobile phones and tablets increasing exponentially, websites and applications (internal or client-facing) need to be mobile-friendly more than ever before. This creates a unique problem for software QA services providers - How to maintain the scheduling and utilization of numerous testing devices for various platforms, form factors and hardware manufacturers?

Without the ability to optimally manage utilization of test devices, challenges including the following can occur:

  • Inefficient device management across testing labs
  • Lack of visibility in test device utilization
  • Inability to book a device in advance to support testing phase
  • Restrictions on test devices mapping based on project phases and schedule
  • Lack of insight into device utilization statistics to plan future investments and more


Emtec’s team of experts discussed concerns with the client’s testing team and mapped their primary objectives around enhancing their test device utilization and scheduling processes. Based on information gathered through these detailed discussions, our Enterprise Mobility team defined the mobile app concept with functionalities to manage device administration as well as device utilization. The app includes device categorization on multiple OS (iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry), which can further be refined based on manufacturer, screen size, device type, resolution and more. The administrative features include the addition and management of multiple testing devices that may be required. It also offers insights on how efficiently the devices are being utilized across multiple projects and teams. Test engineers can pre-book mobile devices for a specific time period. It will indicate the time span during which the devices are unavailable or when they become available. Users can also view device details including booking history, upcoming bookings, projects for which the device has been booked etc. The app uses technologies like .NET, SharePoint, AngularJS, and Ionic and can be installed on Android as well as iOS.


The mobile application solution, conceptualized by Emtec, has been a major contributor in regulating device management and improving overall efficiency of the client’s testing team, bringing better adherence to sprint deliverables. Testing managers now have systematic and schedule driven resource mapping for current and upcoming projects, ensuring critical project related activities are not hampered by device unavailability. The app helped the organization optimize device planning and scheduling to avoid costly project delays.

* The app name, logo and theme have been changed to maintain client confidentiality.

QA Services


Chicago, IL

Business Impacts

  • Optimized device scheduling
  • Enhanced testing efficiency
  • Improved test device management
  • Real-time insight into device availability
  • Better adherence to delivery timelines

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