Digital Transformation of IT Service Management Helps Canadian Media Company Significantly Improve their Customer Support Experience


A Canadian communications and media firm uses a partnership with US based media and cable company to supply on-demand services to their customers. They lacked a digitally enabled process to communicate and track customer support tickets in an automated fashion across the separate entities.

They required an IT service management (ITSM) solution that would enable their consumers to easily initiate service requests or report experience issues with on-demand services without duplicate manual entry into as many as 8 separate support systems.

Their IT team looked to Emtec for a solution that would integrate their disparate systems and provide efficient tracking capabilities.


Emtec delivered a cohesive BMC Remedy to ServiceNow integration across the two firms’ service management platforms with a custom customer interface to ensure seamless communication and tracking of service tickets from conception to resolution across entities and other 3rd parties.


The service management integration provided an automated mechanism to track user customer support issues across organizations for quicker resolution and higher customer satisfaction levels.

  • End-to-end SLA management now possible
  • Simplified support ticket submission and tracking mechanism across entities
  • Support users enjoy an automated and enhanced user experience
  • Bi-directional ticket creation- by consumer or content source

Telecom / Communication Services

$11 B

Toronto, ON, Canada


Business Impacts

  • Number of unresolved tickets across entities down by 90%
  • Average time to respond to requests down by 40%
  • Average time to resolve incidents down by 25% after phase 1
  • Service improvement now focused on optimization vs escalation management
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