Distilled Beverage Manufacturer – Analytics, Dashboard and Reporting Solution

Distilled Beverage Manufacturer - Application (BI, Dashboards & Reporting)

The Client: One of the world’s largest distributors of distilled beverages called on Emtec for guidance with respect to their architecture and implementation of two key projects designed to deliver faster and more robust sales reporting.

Business Problem : The Client, having accumulated operational data for years, now wanted to use that information to more tactical advantage, integrating the information directly within key business processes for much improved and timely decision-making.

Solution :Working collaboratively with the client’s IT and business teams, Emtec developed a business intelligence framework, data architecture and reporting solution to help them take advantage of their data and provide reporting to those who needed it.

Results : The client’s national and regional sales teams now have an extremely user-friendly data reporting mechanism that is powerful enough to conduct fairly complex analytics.

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