Michigan Oracle Users Summit 2013

Michigan Oracle Users Summit 2013
November 13, 2013
Michigan Oracle Users Summit 2013

Consultants from Emtec, Inc., an Oracle Platinum Partner, delivered six presentations at the Michigan Oracle Users Summit 2013. More information, along with links to the slides, can be found below:

New Features 9.2 – Payroll for North America and T&L
Presenter: Laura Tramutolo
Senior PeopleSoft HCM Consultant

Many, if not all of us, can relate to the current pains and precautions taken to perform “what-if” scenarios using online check functionality. The new pay check modeling feature delivered in v9.2 empowers employees by granting the ability to simulate changes to their paychecks and make payroll-related decisions quickly, on their own, and without intervention from the payroll department or help desk. Unlike the current process when using online check functionality, pay check modeling will not require updates to production tables. In this presentation, we will review the pay check modeling feature and how it can benefit your employees. Additionally, we will look at Time and Labor enhancements including the timesheet lockdown feature, which empowers administrators to selectively lock and unlock the timesheet during critical periods, such as payroll processing or while loading time from a device onto timesheets thus preventing users from modifying time entries.

Time and Labor Best Practices: Work Smarter!
Presenter: Laura Tramutolo
Senior PeopleSoft HCM Consultant

Work smarter, not harder! Start building the foundation for Time and Labor utilizing application best practices. In this presentation, we will discuss how to best assess your workforce and apply industry standards in order to best leverage the system. We will discuss what’s best for your organization: high level or granular reporting and allocation of time, rule and compliance pertaining to processing time, integration points, and leveraging time collection devices in order to allow you to prepare for a successful and productive implementation.

Humana Case Study: Paradigm Shift in Reporting by Deploying Four OBIA Modules Across Enterprise
Presenter: Jamal Syed
OBIEE National Practice Lead

The case study follows the approach and BI objectives of a Fortune 100 company implementing OBIA. Discover lessons learned, challenges, and managing users adaptability and expectations of the pre-built analytics modules of Human Resources, Financials, Procurement & Spend, Projects and eMoible. This will provide insight into deploying a cross functional project team for successful deployment across multiple organizational units and utilizing eMoible to support strategic decision making for leadership.

PeopleSoft Can Do That?
Presenter: Jon Given

“PeopleSoft Can Do That?” will highlight many of the new features that will transform your existing PeopleSoft application, increase end-user effectiveness and maximize your software investment. This presentation will demonstrate the latest features available including the PeopleSoft Test Framework, Pivot Grids, Work Centers and more.

EPM Infrastructure: Maintaining and Caring for your EPM Environment
Presenter: Luis Castillo
EPM Infrastructure Practice Manager

The presentations focuses on maintaining and caring for your EPM environment. The target audience is IT administrators for the Hyperion Suite of products. Castillo talks about regular maintenance activities that should be performed on the EPM applications as well as location and description of log files and other technical activities for the applications.

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