Oracle Finance & Technology Summit 2014

Oracle Finance & Technology Summit
Medinah Country Club, Medinah, IL
September 4, 2014
Oracle Finance & Technology Summit

Join Oracle Platinum Partner, Emtec on Thursday, September 4th, for the 7th Annual Oracle Finance and Technology Summit (formerly known as The Oracle Hyperion and PeopleSoft Networking Breakfast) at Medinah Country Club in Chicago, IL.

This informative event will give you the opportunity to network with existing Oracle clients to gain valuable insight into today's leading financial management practices and how to enable your business with today's cutting edge technology.

Whether you are interested in process improvement, best practices, product updates or the new solutions, this summit will give you the advantage you need to take your business to the next level.

Event details
Date: September 4, 2014
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: Medinah Country Club, 6N001 Medinah Road, Medinah, Illinois 60157
  • 8:00 a.m. - Registration, Breakfast & Networking.
  • 8:30 a.m. - Welcome & Kickoff.
  • 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Educational Breakout Sessions (See below)
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Click to View the Keynote given by Craig Barrow, Senior Vice President of Global EPM Market Development at Oracle

Cick to View the PDF presentation given by Will Hutchinson, Master Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle


BI Track Sessions

9am- How Mobile BI Can Impact Your Organization
Do you want to stay connected to your business anytime, anywhere? How valuable would it be to have all your dashboards, KPI's and and reports accessible from your mobile device? How could purpose-built analytical applications that are optimized for your executives on the go change the game for your organization? Learn the answers to these questions and how mobile BI can lower your TCO and improve your time to value. Click to View PDF.

10am- Marriage of Finance and Operational Analytics (dashboards to transactional detail) with Special Guests- Emdeon and Humana
CFO's CFO's are no longer just being asked to produce financial reports and understand an organizations finances. They are being asked to predict the future and drive the businesses strategy. They need to understand how things such as customers, business process and sales channels effect the business. By marrying financial data with operational data, organizations are able to address critical business questions. This session will cover how financial and operation data can be brought together seamlessly whether drilling back from EBusiness Suite to transactional detail or from PeopleSoft to key metrics data can get you the answers you are looking for. Click to View PDF.

11am- Real-time Reporting (with GoldenGate, Fusion Accounting Hub, etc.)
The need for timely information is becoming critical for businesses to compete in today's world. The faster you can get key information that drives your business, the faster you can react. Data warehouses that are updated nightly or on a schedule are becoming a thing of the past. Learn how you can obtain real-time analytical information to enable faster decision making across your organization. Click to View PDF.

ERP Track Sessions

9am- PeopleSoft Update Manager and the Continuous Delivery Model for PeopleSoft 9.2 and Beyond
The PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) was introduced in PeopleSoft 9.2. The PUM along with Oracle's continuous delivery model provides the ability for customers to receive and implement new PeopleSoft application functionality along with regulatory and maintenance patches and bundles. Customers no longer have to wait for a major release upgrades to realize Oracle's continued investment in PeopleSoft. Click to View PDF.

10am- Leveraging Packaged Analytics when Upgrading your ERP
This session will cover the advantages of implementing packaged analytics (OBIA) with your ERP upgrade. Significant advantages and cost savings can be realized when combining these two key initiatives together. In addition, your business users will realize a greater level of benefit day one. Click to View PDF.

11am- ERP 2.0 (Cloud, new functionality, FAH, integration, M&A focus)
Most organizations have ERP successfully installed and are now moving into the next phase of the ERP lifecycle. This presentation will discuss the merits of those options such as Cloud, Fusion Accounting Hub, Analytics, Integration and M&A flexibility. Click to View PDF.

HFM Track Sessions

9am- World Class Close - Not just Consolidations
World class close: it's not your father's consolidations. World class organizations look beyond just closing the books and include all outside stakeholders as part of a holistic process. This includes foreign currency, eliminations, calculations, SEC reporting, tax, compliance, etc. The EPM platform offers world class organizations the ability to create a world class close. Imagine controllable processes, knowing where you are in your process at the click of a button and more importantly proactive communication within your organization. We will walk through new methods and examples of what we see in the industry. Click to View PDF.

10am- Data Integration w/ Hyperion and Why This is Important (FDMEE/ODI w/drillback)
FDMEE brings together the power of ODI and the business process intelligence of FDM in one package. Ths combination allows quick and easy access directly to your source system to speed integration, creates a transparent and seamless link between your EPM solutions and your source data, and simplifies your integrations across locations. With it's ability to drill back to source systems FDMEE solves the question of what, when, why and how across your organization. Click to View PDF.

11am- M&As Impact on Technology (Highlighting Visteon Case Study)
The Automotive Industry learns how to play Baseball “Moneyball” to improve its competitive position. Learn how several Automotive Suppliers leverage system upgrades and related non-technical activities to prepare for M&A activities, increasing their value to Customers and Investors. Click to View PDF.

Planning Track Sessions

9am- Planning 2.0 (Driver based, rolling forecasts, etc.)
Have you ever posed the question "What else can we do to improve FP&A?" If you have Planning and are using it successfully for your current processes this session will provide you some options that are available that your organization can take advantage of. These advanced FP&A topics can take your firm to the next generation of budget, planning and forecasting. Click to View PDF.

10am- Workforce Planning (Intl focus)
Planning the workforce can be a tedious task. If you need to plan for bonuses, commission or have an international workforce to plan for then this session is for you. Learn how your organization can gain significant insight into your human capital costs around the world and at home. Click to View PDF.

11am- The Progression of a Planning & Forecasting Process with Special Guest- The Joint Commission
Solving your immediate budgeting and forecasting process issues is a daunting task . With continued focus, realistic goals and a phased-in approach, process issues can fade away. Hear how one organization achieved budget, planning and forecasting excellence and insight with a phased-in step by step process that lead to success throughout the entire organization. Click to View PDF.

Tech Track Sessions

9am- Importance of Metadata Management in Finance (DRM)
Metadata, data about the data, is the core by which organizations can garner the results of business process. One issue we see at clients is trying to keep that metadata in synch relative to the changing business climate. Trying to keep that metadata consistent throughout the organization is also taunting but not impossible. Hear how this can be accomplished within a systematic application process. Click to View PDF.

10am- Upgrading to V11.1.2.3? The impact on your Existing Infrastructure Environment
Upgrades are a fact of software life. When there is a major upgrade such as v11.1.2.3, most tend to focus on functionality. With this upgrade there could be an impact on your infrastructure environment as well. This session will provide the guidance you will need to review the impact on your current infrastructure. Click to View PDF.

11am- Care & Maintenance of your EPM Environment
As with all applications, the EPM Suite of products require care and maintenance to ensure optimal condition and minimized downtime for Business users. The purpose of this session is to present some of the basic, yet important steps to maintain your EPM environment as well as provide some basic troubleshooting steps to consider. Click to View PDF.

General/Overall Track Sessions

9am- Moving to the Cloud?
The Cloud is everywhere. It is the hottest buzz word since Java came out in the late 90's. Is the future really in the Cloud? Does your organization have a cloud strategy? This session will look at the Cloud and help you understand it better and help you assess it's relevance to your organization. What is IaaS, Paas, SaaS? Is the TCO really so much better? Is it secure? How well will it integrate with your other systems? Is it really as easy to implement as the Vendors tell us? We will answer these questions and more. Click to View PDF.

10am- Demystifying EPM Reporting
I have all these reporting tools with such rich capabilities, but I don’t know how and when to use them within our environment.” We hear this time and time again and yet this is still somewhat of a mystery. The goal of this session is to help demystify what reporting tools to use and when. Click to View PDF.

11am- Profitability Analysis - What are your Options? (Highlighting Emdeon and Elkay Case Studies)
As more firms, senior leadership and stakeholders strive to gain deeper insight in to the business, profitability stands tall as one of the key drivers to success. How and where you measure profitability are the first major steps in gaining that insight. This session will provide you the choices available to analyze your businesses profitability effectively and efficiently. Click to View PDF.

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