Global Media and Entertainment Company – Salesforce Automation and Collaboration Solution (Wave6)

Marketing Automation with Salesforce Delivers $25M Incremental Income (Wave6)

The Client: A global media enterprise needed to better manage the sale of product placement packages to advertisers.

Business Problem : Communications between sales and marketing were disorganized and inefficient with inventory data kept in spreadsheets preventing a unified view at any given time. They needed a system that would automate the marketing and sales processes and improve collaboration between the groups.

Solution : Wave6 implemented a 3 pronged solution leveraged the platform to develop a user-friendly application that would allow marketing and sales to input data into Salesforce; Chatter to centralize communications and a training plan to train up the internal teams on best practices in use.

Results : The client realized almost immediate benefits from the new solution- incremental income of $25 million in the first full quarter after implementation. Enhanced teamwork and transparency of information has also helped increase customer service satisfaction.

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