Global Online Home & Real Estate Marketplace engages Emtec for Application Development, Automation & Testing needs

Emtec provides custom development and testing services
for the organization’s various mobile, customer facing and enterprise applications.
Online Real Estate Marketplace Provider Engages Emtec

for Application Development and Testing


The client, a global online real estate marketplace, required the scalability to manage the application development, automation and application testing within its software product development group to support continued revenue and client base growth. It needed a partner to act as a flexible virtual engineering team to expand its capacity for managing all stages of the software development lifecycle from development through testing and implementation.

The company wanted a partner that could offer web development and web application testing services for various application modules, including SEO, Facebook, email architecture, integrating Google Analytics tracking for its site, as well as mobile applications for various platforms.


A partner since 2009, the scope of Emtec’s services for the client increased from widget development to being integral part of the virtual engineering team for the online real estate platform. Emtec’s highly skilled team of developers, automation engineers and manual testers worked alongside the company’s internal team on several development, testing and automation projects, including creating a custom suite of several thousand cases that cover many layers of service, API and UI testing.

Emtec augmented the client’s development teams by contributing to desktop and mobile-based applications, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), developing front-end templates and back-end modules for sending several end-user-facing emails and integrating Google Analytics tracking for A/B test infrastructure.

Emtec's onshore and offshore teams worked with the client's U.S. team on web application development services to align test processes to weekly release timelines. This included testing new features, modifying existing functionality and running weekly regression test suites. Emtec also created tools to help automate and manage a few hundred service deployments over multiple test environments several times a day.


Emtec continues to manage end-to-end functional web application testing for the client’s entire suite of services and front-end applications including planning, divising test strategies and test execution with agile methodology.

Outsourcing almost complete ownership of the entire testing suite for end-user facing applications to Emtec has provided value by freeing up the client’s resources, enabling it to focus more on strategic initiatives including design and client services. As a result, the organization has been able to stay innovative and provide customers with leading-edge real estate tools.

Business Impacts

  • Accelerated pace for internal application development projects
  • Sophisticated managed automation framework
  • Improved internal strategic focus
  • Highly skilled engineers available on-demand
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