Going Green – How to Get Started with a Green IT Initiative

White Paper: Going Green - How to Get Started with a Green IT Initiative

One can hardly open a business or IT publication today without seeing an article about “going green.” Many people think this simply means lessening our impact on the environment. That is partially true, however it can mean much more. From an IT perspective, it means becoming more energy efficient. It can also mean reducing costs and boosting the bottom line.

This whitepaper is designed to give executives an overview of why green IT initiatives are becoming so important, some of the steps that your organization can take to launch a green initiative and why you should consider doing this. It also discusses the future of green computing and what to expect in the years to come.

The focus of this whitepaper is primarily on efficiency initiatives within the data center. However, readers should recognize that the majority of power usage in IT is outside the data center, spread across the enterprise. This can be more difficult to define and control, but should be a part of any corporate move towards better power management.

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