Law Firm Outsources IT to Emtec for Superior Quality of Support and Cost Savings


A NY based law firm, which provides a diverse range of legal services, needed to backfill a soon to be vacant Director of IT position. After a thorough evaluation of their options, they made a strategic decision to outsource all IT services for better quality of support and cost savings.


Emtec’s IT service management experts designed and built a fully managed IT services and helpdesk team with Virtual CIO services to deliver the comprehensive IT services required to run their business. Key services include:

    • Extensive evaluation of current state IT architecture including systems, servers, network infrastructure, storage, security, applications, end user devices, and more
    • Detailed upgrade plan for critical IT infrastructure reaching end of life
    • Complete management of all upgrades including servers, storage, patches, antivirus, firewall switches, wireless access points and new enterprise virtualization environment
    • 24/7 helpdesk with onsite L1, L2, L3 level support
    • Robust data recovery solution with offsite real-time replication
    • Day to day management of entire IT architecture including Microsoft Exchange server
    • Primary liaison /intermediary for hardware and software vendors
    • Cyber security services including advanced threat protection, email filtering and end-user training to reduce risk of threats via email phishing techniques, etc.
    • Strategic CIO advice and recommendations for equipment and software upgrades, lifecycle management options, compliance/audit support, and upcoming initiatives
    • Monthly executive level reporting and onsite business review of KPIs including incident volume, time to resolution and strategic project updates


Over a three-year period, the client leapfrogged ten - fifteen years in IT maturity with state-of-the-art IT operations. Benefits include:
  • Modernized IT environment to support plan for growth
  • Highly mature service management model
  • Decreased IT labor and operating costs
  • Access to expansive technical expertise on a budget
  • Better risk management with stable IT architecture, cyber security & business continuity
  • Well positioned to meet audit and compliance standards
  • Higher end user satisfaction and employee efficiencies
  • Solid controls in place to maintain security posture

Legal Services


New York


Business Impacts

    • Significant increase in real time courtroom access to case detail by leveraging secure tablets
    • Secure collaboration between geographically separated case teams
    • Rapid spin up/down of secure audited case management teams with effective isolation from other company resources
    • Reduced the business disruption from future upgrades, patching and other IT activities by 70%

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