Mesirow Financial – SharePoint Collaboration and Portal Solution

Mesirow Financial- SharePoint Employee Portal Upgrade

The Client: Mesirow Financial is a financial services firm headquartered in Chicago with 19 locations across the globe.

Business Problem : Mesirow’s legacy employee portal did not fully support their collaboration needs and did not provide employees with a solid user experience. They were also looking for additional functionality including process automation and notification of new content as it became available.

Solution : Emtec upgraded their corporate portal to SharePoint 2013 to help drive better employee collaboration and engagement. Features of the solution included easier navigation, improved search, increased ways for employees to share content and communicate on topics, alerts and notifications of new published content, and streamlined presentation of news, articles, events, and other important corporate content.

Results : Mesirow now has a platform that can facilitate improved collaboration, communication, employee engagement and social interaction.

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