MIS Quarterly Executive: An Industry Perspective on Major Post-pandemic Issues

What is your post pandemic digital strategy?

Emtec's Executive Chairman, Dinesh Desai, contributes his perspective on how the challenges posed by the pandemic will significantly shape organization’s strategies and investments in digital transformation initiatives moving forward, in a paper titled "An industry perspective on major post-pandemic issues” co-authored by Munir Mandviwalla, Temple University, Linda Descano, EVP, Red Havas, Larry Dignan, Global EIC, ZDNet, Christopher Kearns, SVP, NBCUniversal, and Raghushri Sankaran, CIO & CISO, Scholastic.

The seven-page essay published in MIS Quarterly Executive discusses:

  1. Is the digital transformation sprint sustainable?
  2. Business valuation of IT must shift assumptions.
  3. Data is now even more central to business models.
  4. Business continuity and operations planning require a fresh approach.
  5. Remote work is a reality but management and tech need improvement.
  6. Workforce recruitment and development face new challenges and requirements.
  7. IT must play a central role in enabling societal and local responsibilities

To read the full essay, visit MIS Quarterly Executive: https://aisel.aisnet.org/misqe/vol20/iss1/2/


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