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Middlesex Water Company (MWC), which provides a full range of regulated and non-regulated water, wastewater utility and related services in parts of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, had grown through multiple acquisitions. But each new division had its own procurement operation and inventory, making it difficult for its outsourced system to support.

Additionally, MWC’s intercompany transactions were difficult to manage in existing spreadsheets, its month-end close needed streamlining and its management reporting processes also needed improvement. MWC wanted comprehensive managed services as well as a trusted partner that could manage upgrades.


MWC chose Emtec’s ClearCARE® to evaluate its new system needs, and support the chosen Oracle EBS software. It became a key partner for MWC in multiple areas of the deployed footprint. For example, it assisted with training exercises, EBS and CC&B upgrade products.

Emtec then transitioned to production support and Oracle managed services for the systems, as well as infrastructure support. For the past 7+ years, it continues to offer support for ongoing system enhancements and training.


MWC has successfully implemented and integrated various Oracle products, including EBS, CC&B, MWM and WAM. Day-to-day operations at MWC have improved as result of its new streamlined business systems and associated integrations with the new applications.

Visibility and reporting across the business has improved significantly. It also has been able to automate fieldwork, improve asset management, simplify back-office procedures, and offer more seamless acquisition onboarding.

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$133 million

Iselin, NJ


Business Impacts

  • Implementation and integration of Oracle apps across the board
    Outsourced managed services offering skillsets, coverage and risk mitigation
  • Streamlined and improved business operations
  • Repeatable defined process for acquisitions onboarding
"We wanted a single managed services provider for all our Oracle systems and there are very few Tier 2 Managed Services providers that can provide the level of personalized, comprehensive support across the Oracle ERP and Utility products that Emtec ClearCARE® can. There are companies that specialize in ERP, and some that specialize in utilities. But if you’re looking for a single provider for an integrated system like ours, Emtec ClearCARE® has worked out really well. Their skills span across all layers of the system from applications to database to infrastructure." --  Georgia Simpson, Director of Information Technology at Middlesex
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