Taleo Recruiting & On-boarding | Electronics Company

The electronics company selected Emtec (previously Summit Technology) to implement
the Taleo Recruiting and Onboarding applications.
Emtec Helps U.S. Affiliate of Major Electronics Company

Migrate to Oracle Taleo


The U.S. affiliate of a major electronics company wanted more flexibility from an HRIS than its legacy system could offer. Customizations and other changes to the app were just too complex and not timely enough for the company’s needs.

It wanted assistance implementing to the Oracle Taleo system it purchased —including data migrations—but it also wanted a partner that could stay around to help further customize the system and bring up the applications at the company’s Canadian affiliate as well.


Emtec (formerly Summit technology) developed a weekly schedule for the electronics company’s Taleo implementation project that included deliverables timelines and offered room for feedback from the company. It also served as a third party that could transfer knowledge about the project.

This came in handy several times, as the company’s primary HR staff member on the project left the company mid-implementation and there were two new contacts that had to be brought up to speed before the four-month project was completed.

One month after the systems went live, the company engaged Emtec for extended managed services to support the system. Emtec then helped the company optimize the Recruiting app for mobility by migrating data to it from its mobile website as well as customize it with additional content and questions, among other services. It also plans to bring the company’s Canadian affiliate up on all the new systems in 2017.


The electronics company has noticed an uptick in the number of applications for its job openings since it engaged Emtec to migrate to Taleo. It attributes this success to Emtec customizing the job application question fields in the new system, making them more user friendly to applicants.

The company also has had more applications that were redirected from third-party sites, such as LinkedIn, filling out more complete applications. It also attributes this to the customized fields, which Emtec helped minimize to be more user friendly.

U.S. Affiliate of Large Electronics Company

$2 billion


Business Impacts

  • Data migration from existing legacy system
  • A partner to manage future customizations and rollouts
  • A third party for knowledge transfer about the system
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