White Paper: Excelling in the Auto Industry

White Paper: Excelling in the Auto Industry

Utilizing Cloud Technology for a Competitive Advantage

Author: Robert Omilian, Director of the Automotive Practice, Emtec

* The Automotive Industry transforms itself daily with every new design feature and model it creates. With automobiles increasingly being treated by consumers as an extension and enabler of their digital life while also guaranteeing their personal safety, designing new vehicles requires engineers and technicians whose expertise goes beyond the physics of vehicles in motion. Attracting and keeping this kind of “digital” talent is the industry’s key to survival. Companies must enable this new talent with internal systems which foster collaboration, flexibility, and real time relevant functionality.

* This paper uses three recent examples of companies transforming their Applications and Infrastructures to demonstrate the cost and functional advantages available in recent Cloud Offerings. Their successful actions share a common “Design Theory” approach to planning for the Cloud which takes advantage of Cloud Flexibility to fit their particular circumstances.

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