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Emtec’s Mobility Services provide innovative solutions for today’s digital transformation needs.

Whether you are looking to mobilize your existing legacy applications to drive a better user experience for clients and employees, build a custom application or refresh your website to evangelize your brand and meet clients expectations, Emtec has you covered.

Our mobility services connect the dots across enterprise platforms and devices to deliver a unique and amazing mobile experience.

Native App Development

Native App Development

Emtec helps our clients including many OEMs integrate their existing solutions or applications into web based platforms, with device level integration leveraging OEM SDKs. Services include:

  • Strategy and Design

  • Development utilizing an “optimal” architecture

  • API Management

  • Rich Testing and User Experience Evaluation

  • Security

  • Application Analytics


Design is at the heart of enhancing the user experience and building brand loyalty. Emtec’s seasoned UI / UX designers are driven to provide amazing experiences. Our team creates custom mobile apps using the latest in innovative technologies and can also help you customize any existing applications (native, hybrid or Web) with more fluid layouts. We deliver a comprehensive and persona driven UX design through consistent, multi-stage interactions with critical stakeholders to ensure we deliver on your needs and maximize your ROI.

Mobile UX

Cross Platform


Through our agile development methodology for cross-platform mobile development, Emtec creates attractive multi-platform-based experiences for your user, business, and/or industry requirements. Our mobile group identifies the appropriate technologies and solution architecture that tightly integrates with your organizational business processes, then architects a mobile solution that delivers across platforms. Sample cross-platform development frameworks include:

  • Cordova-Phonegap
  • Sencha
  • Kony
  • Xamarin
  • AngularJS
  • Ionic


Emtec creates responsive UX design through our proven development methodology supporting multi-lingual, multi-device using configurable themes. This includes various principles for UX design to support those with disabilities. Our specialization is in re-designing the UX without impacting the existing state and business logic of your applications currently in production.

Additionally, Emtec’s proprietary QA automation framework, AuFait (Automated Framework for Intelligent Testing), supports screen capture of UI regressions and automates 55-75% of your testing efforts. Benefits include:

  • Increased Testing Efficiency
  • Decreased Time to Market
  • Reduced Overall Cost up to 35%

Responsive Web Design

Mobile App Maintenance


Many companies invest significantly in mobile applications / technologies without a full cognizance of the potential number of bugs and delays in providing regular technology updates. Proper maintenance of these apps becomes indispensable, without which your initial investments are at risk.

Emtec offers mobile application maintenance services to help you maintain your native, hybrid or responsive web apps or support new/updated devices through a program of consistent testing and bug fixes against real time OS upgrades. We help our clients remain “current” with respect to both the hardware and software updates from OEMs.


As organizations incorporate more and more mobile devices, the challenge lies in providing ease of use to their mobile users, while ensuring the security of enterprise information. Emtec’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) services offers options to manage corporate mobile devices with secured and controlled access to corporate information and company assets throughout the mobile lifecycle. Emtec’s team of mobility experts analyze your requirements and provide the advisory services and technologies and tools to help you meet your mobile policy or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirements.

Mobile Device Management


Global Delivery

Emtec’s global delivery model helps you leverage senior technical architects, on a global scale, from conceptualization through implementation for quality and cost effective solutions.

Mobile Lab

Emtec Mobile QA services utilizing our Mobile Lab ensure consistent usability, user experience and quality across a plethora of devices.

Speed to Market

Our product development DNA, complimented by agile methodologies drive rapid ideation and delivery, ensuring optimized time to market and return on your investment.
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