Web And Mobile Application Testing

Application Testing Services We Provide

Emtec’s QA Automation and Application Testing services play a vital role in delivering quality, high-performance, solutions that drive substantial business outcomes and enable digital transformation. Our team provides an extensive approach to define and implement the strategies required for end-to-end quality testing results.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Emtec’s advisory services includes web or mobile application testing as one of the key ingredients of the systems development lifecycle (SDLC). Utilizing our extensive consulting expertise in Testing services, we help clients define testing processes and tools ensuring optimal test cycles and improved testing efficiency through

  • Comprehensive Test Quality Metrics

  • A Pool of Assessment Experts

  • A Blueprint for Test Approach, Test Management and Reporting

  • A Roadmap for Achieving Maximum Returns on Application Testing Investment

Testing as a Service

Emtec’s Testing-as-a-Service framework delivers flexibility and a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to clients. Our unique methodologies for Application Testing, QA and Test Automation as well as comprehensive insight and experience ensures the application is business ready. They include:

  • Extensive Monitoring and Diagnostics

  • Maximized Hardware Utilization through Cloud Testing

  • Cost-effective Rigorous In-house Testing Processes

  • Skilled Experts who Assist in Thorough Defect Resolutions Before Project Release



QA and Test Automation

QA and Test automation is an integral part of Emtec’s testing strategy, providing optimal automation for every testing environment—through agile delivery. Emtec’s Test Automation services comprises API Testing, Database Testing, Performance Testing, Web Application Testing, Mobile Testing and Salesforce Testing. Each of these customized services offer:

  • Perfect Implementation of Test Automation Framework

  • Thorough Evaluations of Test Automation Tools

  • In-depth ROI Analysis and Test Automation Assessment

  • Comprehensive Automated Regression Testing

  • Targets for Quality Applications Release at Optimal Budget

  • Enhanced Test Coverage

Mobile Testing

Emtec considers Mobile Testing a crucial component of a digital paradigm shift. Our mobile testing services eliminate issues of performance, usability and functional loopholes for custom-built mobile applications From Mobile Test Automation, Mobile Performance Testing, Mobile Functional Testing, Mobile Security Testing, and more, we have your testing needs covered, including:

  • Accelerated time-to-market

  • Sustained quality of applications

  • Strategic approach for mobile test automation



Performance Testing

Emtec aims to delivering innovative and extensive performance testing solutions to help its clients overcome and optimize all challenges related to performance. Emtec ensures its clients to stay ahead in the growth curve with the help of intuitive and automated tests.

  • In-depth analysis of performance bottlenecks

  • Stress on performance optimization and tuning

  • Updated reports on performance results

  • Establish performance roadmap and strategies


Innovative and Scalable Automation

Faster testing through innovative test automation. Accelerated automation with reliable and scalable framework that improves efficiency.

Agility in Automation

Leaders in adapting to changes with agility. Faster release and Dev cycles in an agile environment to help attain flexibility.

Cloud based Testing

Most comprehensive and inclusive end-to-end services over the cloud with web and mobile application testing in an integrated environment.
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