ShareINTEGRATE Overview

Emtec’s ShareINTEGRATETM solution provides a seamless, elegant, scalable, and secure integration between Salesforce’s CRM software and Microsoft’s SharePoint Collaboration and Content Management systems, giving your sales and other teams a better way to optimize both platforms.
Now both content creators and consumers can enjoy the best of both worlds without leaving the Salesforce or SharePoint User Interface (UI) to search, use and save important account-related content.
  • SharePoint’s most popular and powerful features are directly embedded into’s UI
  • Able to access content stored in SharePoint while remaining in your Salesforce interface
  • SharePoint Users can collaborate with Salesforce Users without a Salesforce license
  • Most “out of the box” deployments can be completed in 1-2 weeks
  • SharePoint Salesforce integration for On-premise, Hosted, and Office365 SharePoint environments

Key Benefits of Emtec’s ShareINTEGRATE Solution

  • Significant cost savings on storage fees

  • Reduces “productivity gaps” across your Sales and other departments

  • Improves CRM adoption and Sales Process Compliance through Salesforce Integration

  • Increases collaboration and efficiency of your Business Development team
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