Transforming your business isn't easy. Emtec Advisory Services help to bridge the gap that exists between Business and Technology. We take a Holistic approach to guide our clients towards improved process and innovative technologies through superior strategy, ideation, guidance and solutioning.

Strategic Planning

Utilizing a systematic process, Emtec helps you identify your desired
future state, and translates your vision into broadly defined goals or
objectives with sequence of steps required to achieve them.

  • Cloud Strategy and Readiness
  • Proof of Concept
  • Application/IT Roadmaps
  • Business Cases
  • Governance
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Enterprise Solutioning
  • New Technology Planning
  • Big Data Strategy


Whenever your organization needs assistance navigating through a transformational journey or simply needs to successfully deliver
strategic initiatives, Emtec's global team of thought leaders, business
advisors and enterprise architects have the knowledge, methodologies
and tools to ensure you are prepared; can execute your vision; and most importantly, gain value from it.


Keeping your critical business systems operating efficiently and
seamlessly over time as both your organization and business climate
changes can be a big challenge. Emtec can enhance your systems
capabilities and integrations to ensure that they meet core business requirements and user expectations now and into the future.

  • Architecture & Application Heath Check
  • Architectural Design & Analysis
  • Cloud Integration
  • Application Usage Improvements
  • Outsourcing & Cloud Evaluations
  • Staff Effectiveness & Training
  • Mobile Integration
Discover how Emtec can help your organization succeed