Managed Cyber Security Services (SECaaS)


Breaches go undetected on average for over 200 days.
Piecemeal toolsets and periodic security scans are
unfortunately not enough.

Optimize and Transform Cyber Risk Operations

With the new digital age of ‘everything connected’ and continued decentralization of IT purchases comes new threats. Organizations need to take strong measures to ensure they are proactively assessing, detecting, securing and protecting against these enterprise risks.

Emtec's Cyber-Security-as-a-Service Solution Suite (SECaaS), fueled by partnerships with industry leading security technologies, provides clients with a higher confidence in the security of their networks and enterprise operations via:

  • Enterprise Asset Discovery – Are there assets connected to my network that I am unaware of and need to protect?

  • Vulnerability Management as a Service- How secure is my perimeter of defense?

  • AI enabled Threat Detection - Has someone gotten through my defenses? Do I have internal threats?

  • Fully managed security services via Emtec Cyber Security experts – Do I have the internal staff to manage these initiatives?

ERP Consultant

Cyber Security Enablement Services

Emtec’s cyber security team provides advisory, assessment and discovery services that help you map the assets you need to protect and construct the policies and procedures to ensure they are well protected and meet regulatory compliance.

  • Discovery – What Services & Infrastructure Needs to be Protected & Why

  • AD Group Policy Design for Entitlement Management

  • Identity & Access Management

  • Security Posture & Policy Consulting

Cyber Security Transformation Services

Cyber Security platform and toolset adoption, implementation and migration services to help you employ the measures needed to secure your network, applications and other mission-critical assets.

  • Live CMDB – Change Management for Key Security Domains

  • Security Operations – Incident Management Process Automation

  • Zero-Hour Threat Identification –AI Enabled Protection

  • Live Attack Surface Management – 360 Deg View of Key Vulnerabilities

ERP Implementation

ERP Support

Cyber Security Sustainment Services

Cyber Security sustainment, management, maintenance and support services that provide ongoing risk management and peace of mind.

  • Managed Security Operations – Incident Process Automation

  • Managed Threat Identification & Alerting Using AI/Machine Learning

  • VSOC – Virtual Security Ops Center for Managed Threat Response

  • Ongoing Vulnerability Assessment

  • Compliance Reporting Optimization



We offer extremely flexible security service options from single-point security services to fully managed “cyber security as a service” offerings via a mix of onsite, remote, nearshore and offshore resources.


Emtec delivers Tier 1 expertise with the intimacy, quality and flexibility of a boutique firm.


Emtec’s multi-year client relationships demonstrates our aspiration to continuously deliver value to our clients as a trusted partner over the long term.

Cyber Security Partnerships

Emtec brings together world-class partners through cleanly integrated platforms that extend the reach and effectiveness of each distinct partner offering. Emtec delivers a Cyber Security experience that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Digital Defense

  • Cybraics

  • BMC

  • Veracode
Stop worrying about the unknown! Identify and remediate threats quickly to protect your assets!