Change Management (OCM)


Organizational Change Management (OCM) provides the tools to articulate your change vision, build the plan and manage the resources and stakeholders necessary to achieve your transformational goals. Emtec brings a proven and structured Organizational Change Management methodology unified with our PMO approach- focused on achieving business ownership.
The activities and deliverables within our methodology are designed to deliver the following benefits:
  • Maximize user adoption
  • Reduce resistance to change
  • Increase the adoption of new processes and procedures
  • Educate and engage end users throughout the lifecycle of the project
  • Reduce the loss of productivity associated with change
  • Shorten the stabilization period
  • Foster buy-in and support from all management levels
  • Align job roles to new processes and procedures
  • Maximize return on investment

OCM Assessment

OCM Assessment

Ensure a successful transformation by understanding the challenges associated with your change effort and establishing a robust change management plan. Emtec’s OCM Assessment will set you up for a successful deployment with the following deliverables to help you manage the challenges associated with change:
  • Change Complexity Analysis
  • High-level OCM roadmap
  • Estimate of OCM resources and level of effort

Cloud-Based OCM Assessment

Emtec’s Cloud-Based OCM assessment helps clients understand the challenges associated with deploying cloud-based technology solutions. Cloud solutions utilize standard processes, which provides the opportunity to identify change impacts much earlier in the project lifecycle. Emtec’s Cloud-Based OCM Assessment establishes a robust change management plan that will set you up for a successful deployment.
Deliverables include:
  • Change Complexity Analysis
  • Change Impact Assessment
  • High-Level OCM strategy & plan
  • High-level OCM roadmap
  • Estimate of OCM resources and level of effort

Cloud based OCM Assessment

Business Engagement

OCM Business Engagement & Governance

Transformation projects fail due to organizational resistance and a lack of business involvement. Emtec’s OCM Business Engagement & Governance Model establishes a network of business representatives that own the deployment, with a structured governance approach enabling collaboration and communication.
Emtec provides the following:
  • Design of the business engagement model structure
  • Assist in identifying, assigning, and onboarding all personnel associated with the business engagement model
  • Monitor business readiness and report status using the Business Readiness Dashboard
  • Customized business readiness templates
  • Facilitate the ongoing governance of the business engagement approach


Emtec offers a comprehensive approach towards training, from strategy through training delivery and evaluation. Our training approach is built upon the three learning dimensions associated with any new business or technical solution- Business Knowledge, Technical Skills and Change Impacts.
Emtec offers the following:
  • Comprehensive Learning Strategy
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Detailed Learning Design/Curriculum
  • Training Course Materials
  • End user Training Delivery and/or Train-the-Trainer approach
  • Training Evaluation and ongoing training support



Frequent and ongoing communications has been proven to increase project success. Emtec’s approach takes end users through the “Commitment Curve”, from awareness through to commitment to adopting the new ways of working.


Consistent communications provides the following benefits:
  • Improved awareness about the program and reduced anxiety
  • Increased Buy-in and minimized resistance to change
  • Opportunity to stress the need for change and benefits to be realized
  • Stakeholders are informed of changes to their specific roles and responsibilities
  • Feedback is gained throughout the program to ensure business requirements are met
  • Demonstrates management’s commitment to change
Emtec OCM communication services:

  • Development of Communication Strategy

  • Program Branding, Positioning and Key Messages

  • Detailed Communication Activities Planning

  • Development and Delivery of Communication Material

  • Business Readiness Assessment Services

Stakeholder Management

Emtec’s stakeholder management approach assists our clients in planning and orchestrating the activities that align key stakeholders to play their role in successfully delivering against their project objectives.


Stakeholder management delivers the following value:
  • Obtain stakeholder support for program activities and remove possible road blocks to decision making
  • Understand stakeholder’s priorities, concerns, expectations and potential benefits
  • Identify and leverage project sponsors
  • Validate the key people that should be involved in the program
  • Provide an opportunity for those affected by change to be heard, and their issues and concerns addressed on a continual basis
  • Secure buy-in and support for the implementation
Emtec offers the following activities and support:

  • Identify and Analyze Individual Stakeholders and Stakeholders Groups

  • Development Stakeholder Management Strategy

  • Ongoing Stakeholder Management and Support


Proven OCM Methodology

Our proven OCM methodology, tools and templates help to minimize operational disruptions and accelerate adoption to optimize your return on your investment.

Architects of Change

Emtec’s experienced OCM practitioners help you to thoroughly understand and plan for the impacts of change on your organization and prepare your business community to successfully adopt to the changing environment.

Deep Business and Industry Expertise

Our consultants bring a wealth of business and industry specific expertise to the conversation. We understand your day to day operations and departmental goals and their associated challenges and opportunities.
Learn how Emtec can help shape your organizational change management.