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The global health challenges over the last few years have highlighted the critical importance of digital enablement within educational environments.

While the pandemic accelerated many educational entities’ investments in digital technologies to meet the urgent need for remote learning, it also brought a massive opportunity to re-imagine the status-quo.

For over 25 years, Emtec has provided cost effective and innovative digital technology solutions that support the needs of school administration, faculty, and students while also pushing the boundaries of “what if”.

Emtec helps you deliver the technological foundations required to achieve your critical initiatives.


State College Gains Higher Confidence in Cyber Security Posture
Emtec helps a state college gain higher confidence in their Cyber Security posture through penetration testing that identifies any cyber security weaknesses. The college now has a better understanding of where future cyber security budget should be allocated and is well positioned to demonstrate they meet compliance requirements.

Deliver Optimal Learning Experiences

Level up your student experience with modernized digitally enabled classrooms and IT architecture to deliver an optimal learning experience regardless of location.
Deliver curriculum via advanced audio-visual toolsets and hyflex classroom environments that provide fully immersive and engaging virtual learning experiences.
Simplify procurement, management, and delivery of IT devices and applications for 1:1 student, BYOD initiatives and more.
Wave6, Emtec’s subsidiary, helps higher education institutions drive amazing student and alumni experiences via their Salesforce platform.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Improve internal operational efficiency and effectiveness via digital toolsets and digitized processes that reduce the complexity of administrative systems and deliver a powerful experience for students, parents, and faculty.
Optimized management and automation of tasks and activities within IT and beyond - across departments and campuses via a digital workplace which elevates the student and faculty experience.
Digitization and automation of key internal processes and student focused activities within systems of record (enrollment, financial aid, registration, campus arrival, housing, and more) via Robotic Process Automation.
Capture, organize, and optimize common requests across all operations groups to simplify and automate the fulfillment process through multiple channels (digital workplaces and social media).

Manage Risk and Mitigate Disruption

Services that empower school districts and higher education institutions to better manage and protect your assets, minimize the risk of disruption, accelerate faculty and student enablement, and better position your district or university for the future.
Robust cyber security services that provide understanding of all assets, vulnerability identification, detection of previously unknown threats, and case management for remediation.
Limited staff? No problem. Emtec’s Managed Services team takes the burden of daily user support off your plate so your team can focus on critical initiatives.
Digital enablement, modernization, and integration of stretched, legacy, and/or siloed platforms.

Why Emtec


Deep Background in Education

Our consultants bring a wealth of education sector intellect to the conversation. We understand your operations, language, challenges, and the opportunities you can leverage. We have seen it before and bring solutions that work.


We recognize the unique needs of school systems and universities. Our team works fluidly within limited budgets, classroom schedules, and tight time frames.

Proven Track Record

Emtec’s Education team currently supports over 350,000 students and 40,000 faculty and staff across the United States. We deliver results.

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