Ensure Your District Network Can Truly Support Your BYOD Program
Optimize Management of Student / Faculty Devices
to Ensure They Are Ready When Needed
Get the Best Technology and Maximum Value from E-Rate Funds

Drive Amazing Student / Alumni Experiences and
Institution Growth Through Innovative Technologies
Ensure Reliable Access from the Dorm to the Classroom

Education Solutions

For over 25 years, Emtec’s education division has provided cost effective technology solutions to support the needs of both faculty and students. We have a deep understanding of the educational environment and can deliver quality solutions that truly support your academic and administrative requirements.

K-12 Solutions

Digital Innovation has made its way into the classroom with the rise of smartboards, tablets and other digital learning advancements. Emtec supports efforts to modernize your classrooms and your IT architecture to provide an optimal learning experience.

Advisory Services

Emtec’s team helps school districts with strategic IT planning, including support for E-Rate submissions. We can help you identify potential E-Rate funded projects to move your district technology enhancements forward.

End User Computing

Emtec helps you manage the entire lifecycle of student and faculty devices from cradle to grave (laptops, desktops, printers, tablets, etc) from product selection, and purchasing to implementation and support.

Network Infrastructure / Wireless

Emtec has extensive experience supplying school districts with robust networks and the bandwidth needed to support your BYOD and digital learning initiatives.

Student Learning Devices and BYOD Programs

Emtec can help you build and manage an effective mobile device or BYOD program including sourcing, integration, and mobile device management and security.

Delivering Applications Securely

Emtec can help you develop a strategy to protect your network while delivering essential applications to your students and teachers. We have partnered with the best in the industry to customize delivery while providing required protection for your users.

Higher Education Solutions

Emtec and our subsidiary Wave6 helps Higher Education institutions in your efforts to drive amazing student and alumni experiences while optimizing your technology footprint. Benefits include:

improve recruiting

Interact with prospective students and improve recruiting

ensure student success

Manage your student education experience to ensure retention and success

robust career services

Better connect your students to alumni in their career of choice through enhanced toolsets, providing for more robust career services offerings

Engage alumni

Engage alumni via consistent and very tailored communications to increase fund raising success

Enhanced intelligence

Enhanced intelligence to better target alumni for executive education training opportunities

360 degree view

Gain a 360 view of your student population by consolidating disparate campus systems into a centralized information model

Why Emtec

Deep Background in Education

Our consultants bring a wealth of education sector intellect to the conversation. We understand your operations, language, challenges and the opportunities you can leverage. We have seen it all before and bring to bear solutions that work.


We recognize the unique needs of school systems and universities. Our team works fluidly within limited budgets, classroom schedules, and tight time frames.

Proven Track Record

Emtec’s Education team currently supports over 350,000 students and 40,000 faculty and staff across the United States. We deliver results.

Connect with our Education team to discuss your needs.