Analytics Roadmap


Business Challenges
Most organizations understand the needs and business opportunities that Analytics can address. Many have had some minor success with BI or Analytics projects.
Challenges arise when an organization attempts to standardize their analytics strategy and business process approach across the enterprise. Crossing the Chasm to ‘high integrity’ data quality that allows for self-service functionality can be a challenging journey.
Furthermore, justifying the business case and ROI for any analytics initiative is becoming harder to quantify as the crowded technology market leads to more confusion than clarity.
Technology Challenges
The IT organization is challenged with supporting enterprise-wide data governance while still giving various departments the flexibility, personalization, and autonomy needed to progress their organizational and personal goals.
In order to provide the data governance and departmental independence around Analytics and Big Data initiatives, technology leaders must look at many different variables:
  • Enterprise vs. Departmental reporting requirements
  • Structured vs. Unstructured data needs
  • Big Data use cases
  • Real-time Analytics use cases
  • Tool inundation
  • Software vendor strategy & consolidation
  • Security & Mobility
  • Infrastructure: On-premise vs. Cloud vs. Hybrid Analytics
  • Cross-Functional Reporting Architecture
  • Support & Maintenance Model & Costs

Emtec’s Analytics Roadmap

Emtec understands that every client is in a different phase of their Analytics Maturity journey. As such, our approach takes into account both the business and technology organizations. The key is to build an executable roadmap that advances the organization’s ability to make timely and more informed business decisions. Our Analytics Roadmap session helps shed light on questions that may never have been asked before.

  • Why do we have so many disparate reporting tools?

  • What’s the difference between enterprise analytics and data visualization?

  • How can a cloud-delivered analytics model align with my corporate goals?

  • How do I delineate between analytics, data mining, and big data?

  • What does ‘Big Data’ mean to my organization and me?

  • Where would a ‘big data’ platform move the needle for my company?

  • Will an Enterprise Data Warehouse address all of my analytical needs?

  • What is the difference between data mining and data discovery?

  • Should I focus on data transformation or the end-user interface?
We focus on the following Business and Technology areas during our roadmap session.
Business Goals and Needs for:
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Sales
  • Customer-Centric external sources and websites
Technology Goals:
  • Delivery Model
  • Support & Infrastructure
  • Software Vendor Strategy


Emtec’s Roadmap service educates and guides you through to an actionable roadmap and plan to realize your analytics goals in a systematic and realistic manner.
Deliverables include:
  • Consensus-built Tiered Roadmap
    • Analytics
    • Data Mining
    • Big Data
  • BI Maturity Benchmark Heat Map
  • Differentiation between enterprise and departmental analytic needs
  • Defined use cases for new revenue sources and cost reductions
  • Agile Platform for quicker time-to-market solutions
  • Organizational Change Management- The Emtec Structure of an ‘Analytics Competency Center’
  • Infrastructure diagram
  • Detailed Project Plan per subject area
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