Digital Transformation of the Project Management Office


A prominent multinational independent commodity trading and logistics house which provides logistics services (issuing voyage orders, completing stowage plans, port agent negotiation, and demurrage claims etc.), needed a centralized digital platform for the project management office (PMO) which handles multimillion dollar projects in a multi-vendor environment. The use of paper-based processes and multiple disparate systems produced an environment which lacked clear data visibility and manual entry making critical decision making challenging leading to amplified business risk.

Through their process, from initiation to closure, (involving multiple stakeholders from vendors, project managers, IT leads and others) had numerous paper-based activities which required both manual and duplicate data entry into multiple systems. This lead to an increase in errors in collating the data resulting into data leakage and possible disagreement. They needed a solution to overhaul their entire PMO operations to increase accuracy, gain efficiency, centralize data and reporting, and improve ease of use.


The Emtec team completed a detailed study of the client’s current PMO processes and analyzed areas where automation workflows could reduce manual effort. Emtec then developed a complete management system based on Microsoft Azure cloud services and PowerBI (for dynamic reporting) to manage various CIO functions covering contractors, suppliers, project managers, project management office, operations, finance team and IT Leads.

The new system, built on the Azure cloud platform, is now utilized for all PMO activities globally delivering process standardization and improving productivity through process automation. Azure Active Directory provides user roles delegation and authentication ensuring secure access.


The one stop digital management platform has helped this commodity trading and logistics house to automate over 70% of their manual activities and reduce their vendor invoice cycle. Key stakeholders and approvers are now notified immediately when an invoice is submitted. New role based data availability and security provides complete transparency to users as required with increased data accuracy, and remarkable system and process control, resulting in improved performance.

Commodity Trading

$100 Billion+


Business Impacts

  • 70%+ of manual activities automated
  • 10%+ efficiency gain
  • Increased productivity
  • High data availability
  • Improved process standardization
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