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In 2015, the Institute for Defense Analyses, which offers objective analyses of national security issues, decided to migrate from its existing HRIS to Oracle’s Taleo software so it could optimize the best-in-class functionalities from the new, established system that its legacy application didn’t have. But it also wanted to partner with a company that could offer specific services as it implemented the system across its three divisions, including:

  • Onboarding training, as the app wasn’t available in its legacy system
  • Help with getting the three divisions committed to using Taleo, as they all hadn’t used the legacy app
  • Liaison services between the vendor and IDA to help develop customizations and alert them of changes or problems


IDA engaged Emtec (formerly Summit Technology) to ensure it could deploy the Oracle Taleo software within a three-month timeframe. Emtec laid out a weekly guide for the project and involved various IT, HR and other IDA stakeholders to ensure buy-in as well as that the project stayed on track. For example, it:

  • Facilitated the weekly meetings as implementation/training sessions and set up all users on the system
  • Explained the system and its benefits in ways the different IDA divisions could understand and support
  • Developed customizations and communicated with the vendor


Now that IDA is live with Oracle Taleo, it is taking advantage of some enhanced functionalities in the system, such as reporting. Emtec also helped the company optimize how it was writing the reports to get better data out of the system.

Though IDA has enabled more users than it had on its legacy system, they all are getting more use out of the system because of the detailed training Emtec offered, such as how to facilitate interview feedback.

IDA recently began using the Onboarding application, and continues to engage with Emtec on best practices for the system, which it didn’t have in its previous platform.

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Business Impacts

  • Quick implementation with week-by-week check-ins
  • Education for various user groups
  • Managed customizations and vendor updates
“Now we don’t guess what we need to do with the system because Emtec alerts us of any issues or investigates the problems on its own. It’s a good use of our time to use them. They’re a valuable resource,” - Mark Adrian, Human Resources/HRIS lead, Institute for Defense Analyses.
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